In this thrilling action-packed episode of “J-Zon”, J-Zon must stand his ground against Zontar and his monstrous minions of Groob as they attempt to take over Zontasia, the futuristic capitol of the galaxy. Who will win? Will the battle ever end? Find out and watch J-Zon in “The Onslaught of the Groob”.

On Dec. 31 2017, our good friend Eric Leiser passed away. When Mike Laur and the folks at The Mustachio Bashio found out, they realized they needed to throw one last Bashio in his honor – and they did. This is dedicated to Leiser.

As you can see Jake’s selfie game remains on point, even under water.

They feel even better than they look.

…and Jake and Jayson are in the field… or should I say on the field.

A web series developed in collaboration with DJ Doc Harrill

2017 Greater Cleveland Sports Awards ‘Courage Award’ winner, Kendra Seitz and her family overcome a life threatening heart condition.

#TBT The Team at Cedar Point in May 2015 filming the first ride of Rougarou for The LJFF.

Kendra Seitz was an inspiration to the whole room!

The Greater Cleveland Sports Awards are this Thursday Night, where our film Kendra’s Courage will be playing.

Travis and Jake are safe and sound, back on the ground in Cleveland after an amazing trip to Haiti!

We are so proud Kendra Seitz, recipient of this years Courage Award at The Greater Cleveland Sports Awards!

Travis and Jake get ready to capture heart surgery on a young girl at St. Damien’s in Haiti (She’s doing great!)

An adventure begins! Travis and Jake arrive safely in Haiti!

We’re so proud and excited to announce that we are changing our name to: THE CLEVELAND FILM COMPANY!

For more info, see this PDF: TCFC_anouncement

We are proud to announce that we have moved our operation into a beautiful new studio space in downtown Cleveland!

Congratulations, Kostellis!

Our very own Jake Kostelli (formerly Kostelnik) got married this weekend! We are so delighted and proud of him and his new wife, Mandi! We wish them many years of love and joy!

We recently made a satirical mini-documentary  called “The Thinking Man,” about the very contemplative Jake Kostelnik as he enjoys the weather and sips his morning coffee…

Hey Everyone! The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival is this week from Wednesday the 5th to Sunday the 9th! It’s a great time with WONDERFUL films. Our film “The History of Chase Brass” will be playing Saturday the 8th at 10:30 in the morning at Chagrin Falls Township Hall. Please come and join us!

Hey Everyone!!! If you are at Cleveland Public Theatre’s PANDEMONIUM tomorrow, drop by the short film area and watch the world premiere of “The Resurrection Men” with us! It will be showing with 3 of our other films “Resonance”, “The Man Who Could Fly” and ” Thanksgiving With Morgans”. It’ll be a lot of fun! We hope to see you there!!! #PANDEMONIUM #CPT

Its always a fun to send our shooters around the country. This time, we sent Bob Reiland and Joe Marco to Chicago!

Year after year, it is an honor to join The LeBron James Family Foundation for their huge Family Reunion event!


We were running around the Republican National Convention this week with NPR’s Mike Schlitt talking to people and telling stories about a super light-hearted topic… POLITICS!

Joe and Jayson left work early to take part in Cleveland history! Go Cavs!

So you know who is crazy talented and is an absolute pleasure to work with? Mark Mothersbaugh!!! What a wonderful guy.

We were so honored to work with Fresh Camp student, Chris Huff on a special work-study program in which we helped him make a documentary on the life of Glenville neighborhood icon, Anthony Body!

So today, we are shooting a western… Stay tuned for updates!

Jake Kostelnik delves into the life of… “The Editor” in a brand new mocumentary starring Jayson Jaworski.


We had a great time shooting at the National Guard base today! Here is a picture of Jake in a tank!

We had a great time shooting down in Orlando, and even go to spend Jake’s birthday jet-skiing!

This weekend we had the pleasure of screening our film, ‘The History of Chase Brass’ at Short Sweet Film Festival!  It’s always awesome to see our work with a live audience and get their reactions!

We are on set today with Apollo’s Fire, filming their beautiful concert!  We have a lot of cameras with us…

Our Partner, Redwood Living, wanted to show their residents how much they appreciate them!  We were, of course, on hand to capture the festivities.

We (Travis and Joe) had an amazing time showing “Hidden In Plain Sight” to the Chagrin Rotary Club at Kenston Middle School this morning! Thank you so much to Mary Ann Ponce from The Chagrin Documentary Film Festival for always being such a great supporter of us. Everyone couldn’t have been friendlier or more receptive to us and our film. Thank you so much!

Happy Holidays Everyone! We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!!!

Now let’s kick off The Christmas season right!

Recently our great friends Rachel Hoskins and Dave Douglas of Attack Cat along with Lee Harrill asked us to produce a music video for their amazing and wonderful rendition of “We Three Kings”. We enthusiastically agreed and today we are more than happy to share the finished product with all of you!!!

We hope you enjoy it and have a very Merry Christmas!

Travis Pollert Film and Video Credits:
Produced by Travis Pollert
Directed and Edited by Joseph Jurecki
Cinematography by Jake Kostelnik
Grip, Electric, and any other conceivable Production needs by Jayson Jaworski.

Today we wrapped up the dubbing on ‘Resurrection Men’!  Finished Film here we come!


We had an amazing time yesterday shooting with Attack Cat and Lee Harrill! You could not ask to work and have fun with better people.

Also did we mention the LITTLE RED TREE HOUSE?!

Today is the start of the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival! We are privileged that this is our 3rd year in a row playing at the festival. “Hidden In Plain Sight” will be playing this Thursday, 10/8 at 8:15 PM at the United Methodist Church (Downtown Chagrin Falls) and on Friday, 10/9 at 11:30 AM at the Chagrin Valley Little Theatre. Please come and join us! The festival is really wonderful and takes place throughout Chagrin Falls!

We had an amazing time last night at a special screening of “Hidden in Plain Sight” at South Franklin Circle as a part of the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival. Thank you so much to Mary Ann Ponce the founder of CDFF for including us in such a wonderful event and as usual being a huge supporter of Travis Pollert Film and Video.

This weekend our story producer Joseph Jurecki got married to the amazing Emily Jurecki! Everyone at Travis Pollert Film and Video had the pleasure of attending and celebrating this joyous occasion with our dear friends, but for those of you who did not, here is the cinematic cut of the wedding so you can share in a little bit of the happiness we all felt this past Saturday.

This video was shot by our very talented friend Mark Valley and edited beautifully by our own Jake Kostelnik. The song “Ashokan Farewell” was played by the lovely Jordan Macosko.

Travis and Bob have travelled to South Carolina for a few days; our partner Redwood Living is opening new properties down there and we are along for the ride!

Today the team is on location in Montpelier, Ohio shooting a film for Chase Brass and Copper Company in honor of their 50th Anniversary. We’re learning about Eco Brass!

Travis and Jake are having a good day today! They managed to find themselves someplace familiar…

This weekend! We have several shorts featured in this great local Film Festival!

At the 108th Annual Greater Akron Chamber event where we got to watch our film “A Hero’s Journey”, which preceded LeBron James receiving the H. Peter Burg Award. Big thanks to The LeBron James Family Foundationfor the amazing opportunity!

It looks like TPFV Story Producer and Director of “Hidden In Plain Sight”, Joe Jurecki will be “Kickin’ It With Kenny” on Monday March 23rd at 7:50am on FOX 8. Check it out! (If you’re awake)

We couldn’t be happier to announce that our film “Hidden In Plain Sight” has been officially selected to play at the 39th annual Cleveland International Film Festival. This marks the 4th year in a row that we’ve been at CIFF, and we’re so happy to be back!

Next Monday, February 9th, join us at the Orange Senior Center in Pepper Pike for a Lunchtime Screening of Re{Fresh} – it takes a village hosted by the Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival.

Please join us tomorrow evening February 3, at 7pm in University Circle as the Hawken School hosts a screening of our films Re{Fresh} – it takes a village and Hidden in Plain Sight at their urban campus (10823 Magnolia Drive Cleveland, OH 44106-1807).

Space is limited, and going fast, so please RSVP to Susan Faler at or 216.721.9822.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight to see our film “Hidden In Plain Sight” on PBS/WVIZ’s “Applause” hosted by Dee Perry at 7:30. It will also include an interview with Luke Frazier, the writer/producer/narrator of the film. We’re all really excited!


Nick’s Courage, a short film about a young man’s courageous battle with cancer and loss of limb to return to the football field, will premiere this Thursday, January 22, 2015 at The Cleveland Sports Awards hosted by The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.

This film was created in collaboration with the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission and the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health.

Watch the Film!


Tune in next week as Hidden in Plain Sight screens on PBS/WVIZ’s Applause! hosted by Dee Perry.

Screening Times:
Thursday, January 22, 2015 7:30pm
Saturday, January 24, 2015 4:00pm
Sunday, January 25, 2015 12:30pm

See the Program!


Join us on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 7pm for Treasures within Our Community: An Evening of Film and Culture hosted by Hawken School, Famicos Foundation, and the Cleveland Cultural Garden Federation.

Hidden in Plain Sight and Re {Fresh} – it takes a village will screen, followed by a discussion with filmmakers, Luke Fraizer (writer and co-producer Hidden in Plain Sight), and Dee Jay Doc Harrill (Founder, Fresh Camp).

Hawken School’s Sally & Bob Gries Center for Experiential and
Service Learning
10823 Magnolia Drive
Cleveland, OH 44106-1807

Please RSVP Susan Faler or 216.721.9822

More Info: reasures Within Our Community -Flyer (PDF)

Jayson always wanted to be a superhero, and Joe thinks he can teach him how to fly… but is Jayson really ready to make that leap?


Award-winning short film will broadcast next week!

We’re very excited to announce that for the first time in our company’s history, an original short film of our’s will be broadcast on television.  Re {Fresh} – it takes a village, the award-winning short film that we created in collaboration with Dee Jay Doc of the Fresh Camp and Famicos Foundation, will be broadcast next week on PBS/WVIZ’s show “Applause,” hosted by Dee Perry.

The producer’s of the show solicited the film for broadcast exhibition after it won “Best Local Film” at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival.  The film received the “Outstanding Local Film” award early this year at the Short Sweet Film Fest, and was also seen this fall at the Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival.

Re {Fresh} – it takes a village is the story of a neighborhood coming together to help it’s youth to care about the community and cultivate growth in themselves and the world they see around them. The film follows, ‘The Fresh Camp,’ which is a neighborhood youth program in the Glenville area of Cleveland, OH where kids learn to grow confidence, creativity, and character by re-envisioning their neighborhood through urban gardening and community action and promoting what’s fresh using hip-hop recording and performance.

The film will have it’s worldwide television premiere on Thanksgiving Day, next Thursday November 27th at 7:30pm, and will re-air that Saturday, November 29th at 4pm, and again on Sunday, November 30th at 12:30pm.

Please join us for this exciting opportunity!

/Travis + Team

Dee Perry discusses community with Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival executive director Donna Dabbs and filmmaker Travis Pollert on NPR’s The Sound of Applause,  originally aired on WCPN 90.3 on September 24 2014.  The third annual GCUFF features a short film co-directed by Travis Pollert and Jake Kostelnik called Re{Fresh} – It Takes A Village.

“If Coke Called Tomorrow…”

a story about dreams and goals

Since our inception, we’ve always wanted to work with the strongest brands in the world.  We know how important goals are to achieving dreams, so we put a name on it:  We wanted to work with Coca-Cola. Not only a household name worldwide, Coke is a company we admire and respect.  They are intentional participants in modern culture, and they respect their place as shapers of culture.  It was one of those dreams that even if it never happened, pursuing it would only make us better filmmakers.

In 2010, I challenged the team, “if Coke called tomorrow, would we be ready?  Would the work we’re doing now be good enough for a world-class brand?”  As much as we liked our work at the time, we all knew the truth: we had room to grow.  The phrase morphed into a part of our ongoing effort to make ourselves better.  Countless conversations stemmed from the simple (and to be honest, intimidating) thought “if Coke called tomorrow…”  It became a way of cutting to the core of how we were doing, and helped us figure out the parts of our craft that needed to improve.  It also raised a sense of urgency to our growth.  It wasn’t some far-off vision, it had a sense of immediacy.  Every time it came up, there really was the sense of how do we improve what we’re doing by tomorrow?

We had started working with LeBron James’ management company, so the idea of networking to Coke wasn’t completely out of the question.  But to be honest, at that point the work we did for them was mostly technical; serving them in a creative capacity was still to come, so the idea of gaining creative work from Coca-Cola seemed about as far-fetched as it could be.  Still though, I’ll never forget telling the team (in true Braveheart fashion), “Give me two years get to Coke.”  It wasn’t meant to be arrogant from a sales perspective, but instead to forecast our own growth.  Perhaps tomorrow really was too soon to be ready for a call from Coke, but 2 years, we could work with that!

We worked hard towards that goal, finding ways to improve at every turn.  We reshaped our entire production pipeline, improving efficiency and increasing quality. We all knew that if a call came in to work with Coke, we’d be ready!  But by having a goal that we were all working towards, the neatest thing happened: our work was getting better.

Goal Reached!

Last summer, the call came in.  Sprite had partnered with LeBron James to create a new flavor for his fans called Sprite 6 Mix, and we were being invited to help tell the story!

Now, we know it took us 3 years instead of 2, but we can’t help but feeling a huge sense of accomplishment and validation.  As commercial filmmakers, getting the opportunity to work with Coca-Cola on a project is literally a dream come true, but the fact that it was a goal, that it was something that we talked about constantly, used as flint-stone to sharpen ourselves on, and it actually came about; this is one of the most encouraging moments in our company’s history.

Sprite 6 Mix Spot

The video above is a 30-second spot, which is one of 4 pieces we created for Sprite 6 Mix. Take a look, and Read More About Sprite 6 Mix Here.

Moving On

One of the great things about our team is that there are no shortage of goals. We love to celebrate our victories, but we’re always eager to improve. It’s not that we’re perfectionists (in that the compulsion to be perfect keeps up from being happy about our work), but instead we’re just more interested exploring the edge of our craft. It’s exciting for us, and it’s how we keep ourselves from getting bored. And creating work that is constantly better is one heck of a perk!


Cleveland International Film Festival CIFF asked Joseph Jurecki and Travis Pollert to be interviewed as part of their “Meet the Filmmakers” web series.


Hey Everybody. We just discovered Cleveland International Film Festival added another screening of Ohio Shorts Program #1 and subsequently “Andrew” on Monday March 24th @ 9:10am and it’s FREE!!!! Free tickets still need to be purchased at and they’re going fast! Love to see you there!


Our man Jake. That Zeiss CP.2 50mm looks bigger than his head.

“Andrew” a short film directed by Travis & Joe has been accepted into the 38th annual Cleveland International Film Festival as a part of Ohio Shorts Program #1. We’d love to have you join us and here’s the info!

“Andrew” tells the story of a young man who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, OCD, ADHD, and anxiety at age 4, and his family’s struggle to find new ways to help him grow into a person defined by who he is rather than the condition he has.